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    The Export CargaViva is a Brazilian company founded in 2004 that specializes in international transport of animals (pet, horses, pigs, cattle and other ruminants) and genetic material (semen, embryos, eggs and animals, GMOs). We offer complete advice and customized for each type of animal species, is the transport by reason of change of country, trade fairs, exhibitions or competitions.

    We operate in all sectors of the export and import process.
    We conduct the process ‘ door to door ‘ (the country of origin to country of destination), planning and execution of international logistics as needed, document issuance, health reports, government certifications and still take care of all the details of loading/unloading.

    We comply with all international regulations and laws for the transport of animals anywhere in the world. Thanks to partnerships with companies in the same sector in more than 80 countries, and also with logistics companies (air and sea), we can lower costs and quality in services. This way we make the operation viable, and mainly, we ensure the welfare of the animal.

    Live load Export is a company affiliated to international associations ATA (Animal Transportation Association) and IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) which guarantees the professionalism, integrity, reliability, and security you have the up-to-date service to health rules of the countries involved and the airlines and cruise in the international transport of animals.

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    ATA ipata

    The ATA (Air Transportation Association) and IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) are associations formed by companies of transport of animals as live load Export, air and maritime companies, government agencies, cargo agents, universities, research centers and veterinarians. These partnerships ensure the transport of quality made by professionals with know-how around the world.

    Live load Export has professionals certified by the International Air Industry Regulatory Agency, IATA (International Air Transport Association-HOME (Live Animals Regulations). This makes sure that we know how to transport any animal species for any part of the world properly and safely.