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    Import Equines

    The first thing you need to know is that Brazil has a specific zootecnic legislation of each breed for the approval of imports.


    For the animal to enter Brazil, quarantine or sanitary isolation is required at the country of origin, where the laboratory tests will be performed that will attest the good health of the animal. We work in partnership with several approved quarantine centers around the world, which perform quarantine for Olympic teams, Equestrian competitions, trade fairs, exhibitions and other important events in the equestrian sector.


    When quarantine is completed your horse will be transported by road in a sealed vehicle to the departure airport.


    Once at the airport of origin, physical and documentary inspections will be held by official agencies of the exporting country. During the flight the animal is accompanied and monitored all the time by a professional (Groom).


    At the destination airport again physical and documentary inspections are performed by the Customs House and Ministry of Agriculture and airport fares and import are paid.



    Services Offered

    • Import Licenses (zootechnical and sanitary)
    • Sanitary Isolation (quarantine at the country of origin)
    • Laboratory Tests
    • Veterinary Services
    • Airfreight and stalls (container approved by IATA)
    • Road Transport (Farm-Airport-Farm)
    • Customs Clearance (origin and destination)
    • Animal handling at the airports
    • Enabling of Radar – Siscomex (Customs House)
    • Animal nationalization with the Breed Association
    • Groom Services (during the flight)

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