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    International Pet Transport

    The international transport of animals requires a lot of care to meet the health, fiscal and cultural requirements of the country of origin, transit and country of destination. In addition, we follow all rules of the airline companies and IATA (International Air Transport Association) which regulate the global aviation industry.


    So it is important that you always come to us in advance so that we can carry out an effective planning and thus fulfill all international requirements in a timely manner for the performance of the transport.



    Services Offered

    • Technical monitoring at shipment/landing
    • Preparation of sanitary and customs documents
    • Planning and implementation of international and domestic logistics
    • Quotation of air freight with different airline companies
    • Customs clearance with agent specialized in live animal
    • Issuance of certificates and veterinary reports
    • Specialized veterinary team
    • Supply, manufacture and customization of Kennel (approved by IATA)
    • Collection of biological material for laboratory tests
    • Shipment of samples to the accredited laboratories
    • Identification by microchip
    • Hosting – pet hotel
    • Quarantine – sanitary isolation
    • Displacement to home > airport > home
    • Door to door services (Transport your pet to where needed)


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