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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference in conveying my animal as excess baggage or unaccompanied as cargo?

    For the excess baggage should have a passenger on the same flight with the animal may travel in the cabin or in the cargo hold. Not all airlines accept pets as excess baggage. When providing this service there are still limitations of weight and dimensions of the shipping box, species and breed of animal.

    In load mode there is no need to be a passenger on the same flight. The animal goes in the cargo hold and this process involves customs issues, requiring a customs agent specializing in live load.



    As in the charging compartment?

    The cargo bay has ventilation, lighting, temperature and pressure controlled, in addition to structure against noise. Transport boxes are fixed by strapping on the floor of the aircraft so that they do not move during the flight.


    Shipping boxes (Kennel)

    The box/container/kennel should meet the standard IATA (International Air Transport Association). The size and material of the Kennel depends on the species, breed, size of the animal and whether it will travel in the cabin or cargo hold.


    The container must meet the following requirements:

    • Height: the animal sitting, should be approximately 10 cm space between the head and the ceiling;
    • Width: the animal should give a 360º rotating with time off;
    • Length: the box should have sufficient space for the animal to lie still with off;
    • Ventilation: required holes or Windows on the sides and bottom of the box;
    • Door: must be of metal with latch to seal;
    • Bird feeder/Drinker: fixed on the door;
    • Absorbable rugs: ensures hygiene and animal welfare;
    • Wheels: forbidden boxes on wheels.


    NOTE: some models manufactured in Brazil do not meet the IATA standard and are constantly denied by the airlines. More details, please contact.



    My pet needs sedation?

    Most of the animals are sedated, they may lose the senses, unbalance and hurt during transport.

    In cases of animal breeds and behavior considered aggressive airlines may require sedation to avoid accidents with the professionals involved in loading/unloading.


    During the flight the my pet will be fed and hydrated.

    In the box in which it is transported are required the bird feeder and water cooler that will be installed and supplied by Export live load at the airport of origin. During the flight, there will be no refueling, only in scale and destination airport.